What's up?

Looking around New Haven for a job… don’t tell Quinn yet. I don’t wanna get her hopes up… but mine are.

Well that's pretty awesome. Congrats. :)

Yeah, it is! Thanks!

So Much || Fuinn (part 1 of 2)

  • CHARACTERS: Finn Hudson, Quinn Fabray
  • LOCATION: Yale University
  • GENERAL NOTES: Finn meets Quinn at Yale, their first time together since figuring out their feelings. (Part 1 of 2 because I know you’re jumping at the bit to read.)
  • We can just call each other our home

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Are you and Quinn getting together?

Well… uh… yeah. In more ways than one.

so much | the spill canvas
Oh I adore the way you carry yourself 
With the grace of a thousand angels overhead 
I love the way the galaxy starts to melt 
When we become one  

Text || Finn & Quinn
  • Quinn: Just.. park. I'll... I'll be outside.
  • Finn: I parked in the parking garage, so I'm walking outside of that.
  • ARTIST: Matchbox Twenty
  • SONG: How Long?
  • ALBUM: North (Deluxe Version)
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how long | matchbox twenty
It’s all about a good thing,
So I don’t mind holding on. 

Text || Finn & Quinn
  • Quinn: You're.. you're what? You're here?
  • Finn: I couldn't wait.
Text || Finn & Quinn
  • Quinn: I am, I'm trying..
  • Finn: I'm circling your campus.
Text || Finn & Quinn
  • Quinn: I called him but he didn't answer, and he isn't responding to any of my texts.
  • Finn: I need you to break up with him.
Text || Finn & Quinn
  • Quinn: I had one early class, no more for the rest of the day.
  • Finn: Have you talked to Puck?
Text || Finn & Quinn
  • Finn: Do you have class today?

Belong || Finn Hudson

  • CHARACTERS: Finn Hudson
  • LOCATION: New York City
  • GENERAL NOTES: Finn finally figures things out.
  • ‘You’re wrong- I don’t belong to you.’

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  • ARTIST: Cary Brothers
  • SONG: Belong
  • ALBUM: Under Control
  • 2,873 plays
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belong | cary brothers
Wake up lonely with you by my side
One more night it doesn’t feel
There are movies playing in your eyes
You dream of our fortunes

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